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Onassis Cultural Center

rediscovering athens

IT HAD been a while since I’d read about an art exhibition with a concept that truly excited me – so when I found out that the Onassis Cultural Center (OCC) had set up Strange Cities Athens I headed straight to Theatrou Square in Psyrri to check it out. The exhibition displays the result of a challenge set to 23 visual art units from around the world, who have never been to Athens, to create artworks based solely on their impressions of it. The OCC, in collaboration with the team of curators from London’s Double Decker, provided the artists with a triangular “inspiration box” that contained: a recipe, a scent, a poem (Jasmin by Giorgos Seferis), a book, recordings of urban soundscapes, and music by Konstandinos Vita (Song “II”) and Manos Hatzidakis (the song A Magic City), and asked them to take it from there. The impressions of Athens that are formed in the minds of the millions of visitors who come here, as well the multitude of ideas, feelings and attitudes of people who have never visited, …

Ink on Graph Paper, 21 x 29 cm

outshining the spectacle

THE ART of Bill Balaskas stands out for its coolly detached irony and playful insider’s understanding at once. I have interviewed him with great interest in his ideas throughout the years of the Greek financial crisis, chiefly because his university studies in economics in his native city of Thessaloniki have given a powerful impetus to his art, through which he continuously unravels the different facets of the crisis and how it has affected Greece’s socio-political structure. His outlook is unique, combining a silently discerning humour with a blaringly intelligent effort to shed stark light on where things stand for him as a citizen of Greece but also of the world. Since 2005 he has been based in London and working across different media, while also regularly exhibiting internationally and in Greece, most recently at the National Museum of Contemporary Art, in Athens, and the Thessaloniki Biennale. Today Balaskas’ focus continues to be fuelled by his economic studies-inspired intellect, but has now taken off from his home country to address issues in Europe at large, and the problems of insecurity, confusion and conflict faced …