Like so many Greeks raised abroad (Rome and Cairo), it took a while for Alexia Amvrazi to connect with her native roots, but once she did, the (complicated but intense) love affair began in earnest. Over the past 20 years of working as a journalist for local and global English language print, web, TV and radio media,  she’s been delving through and reporting on the multifaceted landscapes of Greece, its thriving culture, maze of ancient-modern paradoxes, and unique social psychology. In My Greek Review, Alexia and her team of charismatic writers go beyond the cliched travel brochures and websites to explore and offer fresh perspectives on all layers of Greek life today – in Greece as well as abroad. My Greek Review is an organic, living project unfolding at the same rhythm as the country it is about, and is made with love and the desire to offer its readers a uniquely personalised, discerning, current and independent perspective.