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dear future self

Dear Future Self
I like the way you smell.
like exotic flowers, incensy firewood and cool ozone,
and lush slopes watered by mountain springs.
I like the way you look
with that clear sparkle in your eye
the deep rose in your cheeks, and a delighted-mischievous smile.
I like the way you feel,
as I hold you tight in my arms
you never get restless in our embrace
but linger there warm, confident in your abundance and tranquil.
I savour the soothing sound of your voice,
how you sometimes break into blissful song
or talk about the gratitude you feel
for every choice in your life. The stories you tell too, are wild.
I like the way you taste
when I kiss away your rare tears
they are salty and sweet and warm
and as you dry them away, you always stand tall again with hope.

Dear Future Self
Thank you for having walked by me thus far,
for snatching my worries from my grip and tossing them away to the burning stars,
as I watch them disappear like magic smoke
wondering whether they were ever there.
Thank you for patiently guiding me
when it was so dark I feared taking any step
and for reminding me to laugh and love
like a volcanic explosion from Pandora’s box.
For teaching me how to heal
my friendship with my past self,
by seeing she was always trying
and that her intent was fuelled by pure love, and alas, innocence at once.
And when I flinch with dark cloying thoughts that inspire elusive escape
you tug me back in and remind me to be at peace with exactly where I am,
but also to move on, and move on, to move on and always, always be still in my heart.
With you at my side,
I know that all is possible
And vow to honour you always
with my all.



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