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visual flight through elliniko airport


Photo by Giorgio Boulasidis

Photo by Giorgio Boulasidis

These photographs are the kind of images that can be shown without any captions, because it doesn’t matter what the subject depicted in them once was, What matters is what it is today, as it’s caught through the camera’s narrow lens.

Photo by Giorgio Boulasidis

Photo by Giorgio Boulasidis

All these objects — from flight boards, waiting areas, doors, offices, ventilators and every kind of place that once served the thousands upon thousands of world passengers, staff and crews on a daily basis  — have by now mutated into abstract sculptures and landscapes, formed and deformed by fire and time.

Photo by Giorgio Boulasidis

Photo by Giorgio Boulasidis

Elliniko was the first and main airport of Greece for around 50 years. It received fame and admiration and offered most of us our first flight experience, thus becoming seeped in our excitement and fears.

Photo by Giorgio Boulasidis.


And now it is burnt, locked up and filthy, continuing to be a sitting and transit area but by today for every kind of bird, creatures that seem to appreciate its history far more than humankind.
Photo by Giorgio Boulasidis

Photo by Giorgio Boulasidis

10444510_10204537598936429_4428327303261965752_nGiorgio Boulasidis has been a passionate photographer since his teenage years. For 12 years he explored all forms of the art, until in 1999 he learnt the secrets of creative expression through the medium under the wing of his teacher Platonas Rivellis at the Photographic Circle. Since then, he became a keen collector of shapes and designs. Boulasidis teaches history, technical aspects and theory of photography to young and old students, while also participating in group exhibitions in Greece and abroad. His main objective is to transfer emotions through his images and to create positivity and hope.


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