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Q&A: daphne kapsali, writer

London girl Daphne Kapsali created quite the buzz when she raised some £3,240 pledged of £2,500 goal via a Kickstarter campaign, to live on the Cycladic island of Sifnos to write her novel. Here she answer’s My Greek Review Q&A to give us a glimpse as to where she’s at now. It appears her reclusive lifestyle has not yet adversely affected her…

How Greek are you?
As Greek as they come. Although I have this theory that we’re all completely mixed, and distinctions such as race and nationality are largely redundant. Or should be!

What is your biggest role in life?
To be a good writer; to write things that touch people’s lives, in some small way. And to be a positive and supportive presence in the lives that cross mine.

What is most important to you right now?
To finish the novel I’m writing, and to spend time with the people I love. I’ve just spent six months living alone on the small island of Sifnos, engaged in a project I called 100 days of solitude (a daily journal published as a blog), and working on my novel, so I’m really looking forward to a break and some good company.

What are you most grateful for?
My friends, my family, and all the opportunities I’ve been given. And the fact that I’ve finally come to realise how much there is to be grateful for.

What scares you most?
Letting fear stop me from living the most extraordinary life I can. Losing the things and people that matter because I didn’t have the courage to godaph after them.

What is Greece to you?
We have a complicated relationship, almost like a childhood friend that you’ve outgrown, but still love, though you disagree on most things. There are places that feel like home to me, like Sifnos, and I will always come back for the people that live here, but I’m a Londoner, through and through.

Your one favourite thing about Greece past, present and future?
Past: My own memories of growing up here.
Present: Today, the sunshine.
Future: The possibility of change.

Your least favourite thing about Greece past, and present?
Past: That I never felt like I belonged.
Present: Arrogance. We could do with being a bit more humble.

Your fantasy / big wish for Greece?
That it becomes a place that encourages dreams and offers opportunities.

Where do you definitely stay away from? (in Greece)
Not a place: negative people. They turn places bad wherever they go!

Your favourite Greek hotspots right now?
Off season Sifnos. I’ve spent my summers here all my life, but this year I had the chance to live here through the winter, and see the island as it’s really like. And it was tough and surprising and incredibly beautiful. 

Your favourite Greek word, and why?
That’s a tough one – I’m a writer! But my grandmother used the word “astropelekia” recently, and it had me crying with laughter.

 What smell do you associate with Greece?
The sea.

What would you take with you to remind you of Greece?
Nothing. I don’t need a reminder. But if pressed, a jar of honey would be good.

Daphne published her book on March 5th, 2015. It can be bought online.

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